Nice people. Great food. Wonderful atmosphere.
Best brunch · Stylish interior · Outdoor dining · Scenic views · Takeaway menu
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Debbie Hanson Quackenbush

Shawn serves up the very best BBQ and customer service you'll ever experience!!!
My family has enjoyed Shawn's BBQ (and his extraordinary way of making everyone feel like FAMILY!!!) for decades and have never had a bad experience!!!
Go check out Retro DownTown BBQ!!!

Paula Cason Hall

We went Monday for lunch . We were so excited to know Shawn was back at doing what he does best ! We loved Cobbs for years always went and were upset when it closed and said Gosh we wish Shawn would open a place . Wish granted !! He did NOT disappoint. Even better than we remembered it . Please check out this hidden gem in Downtown Shreveport. You will not be disappointed!
Comfort food · Large menu · Outdoor dining · Cosy atmosphere · Casual · Great food

Cindy McDonough Herring

We stumbled upon this place because it's neighbor, The Missing Link, was closed, so why not give it a try! It was cutely decorated for Halloween, but even the festive atmosphere couldn't make up for the food. I ordered the sandwich and a side of potato salad. Upon arrival, my friend and I couldn't help but burst into laughter because of the outrageously small size. A child sized bun, and about two tablespoons of potato salad. The potato salad was very sweet and not palatable. It's hard to mess up potato salad, but they succeeded. The worst by far, was the "BBQ" sauce. There is no hint of any BBQ flavor. It tasted like vinegar and water.
I appreciated the atmosphere, and the staff REALLY tried, but it just didn't work.

Christopher T. Smith

Great food & personal service from Mr. Feaster, will go again!

Reshonda Bradford

THE BEST BBQ is back to eat again. The SmokeMaster from the old Cobb's is back bringing Shreveport the meals that you loved. Shawn still has the touch. Best wishes to you and thank you for continuing the Cobbs legacy. Now go make it your own. LL

Larry Lafitte

Best in town by far! Thank you for bringing back my favorites!??

Jaclyn Davis

I'm not sure whats considered good bbq in North Louisiana but I have to say this sure isn't it. The meat doesn't taste smoked and my beef sandwich was prepackaged lunch meat with some bbq sauce drizzled over it. This is just another embarrassment in the food arena for N. Louisiana.

Michelle Denise

We are here on opening day for some of Shawn's delicious barbeque. Right now I feel sorry for anyone that is not me.

Titus Haynes

AWESOME !!! Check it out.

Kent Kennedy

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